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Finite - Black White to Grey [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous

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Finite [May. 29th, 2013|03:28 am]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous
Mentally, spiritually and physically I have chosen a difficult life filled with self imposed hardships and trials I've custom made to ensure the glorious life vision I have for myself. One with honor, strength, adventure and passion. Time and time again I've found myself struggling against fate with no result as my honor became alienating, my strength became malicious, my adventures became madness and my passions became traumatized. Dreams I gave the full devotion of my heart to only to face constant failure and resistance at every turn. I haven't persevered long enough to see any of my dreams fulfilled but I have not yet been killed in their pursuit. I still hold these dreams true to myself no matter how long I have to live with crushing disappointment, crippling betrayals and growing resentment. My window of opportunity to fulfill my goals is rapidly closing. One thing is for certain: I do everything with a vengeance.