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Black White to Grey

If I could only measure reality in touch

Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous
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Iron jawed DEMON. Bastard of the bedsheets. Warrior. MURDERER, but all around good guy.
40's, 9, anywhere but earth, arguing, art, astral warrior, bare knuckle boxing, being hardcore, bitches!, black, black metal, blood, blue, body peircing, bondage, cannibal corpse, captain morgans, cartoons, chaos, city of chaos, clowns, cock and ball torture, colors, combat boots, crown royal, danzig, darkness, death, death metal, death sledding, demon, demons, devil, dimmu borgir, dooring people, dooring trash cans, drinking, emperor, enchanted stuff, evil, exploring, fallen angels, fighting, ganon, ganondorf, gemini, ghosts, gwar, hard fucking, hate, homestar runner, hurting people, i will kill you..., iced earth, insanity, irish, jack daniels, japanese food, jose cuervo, jägermeister, kender, kicking ass, killing angels, kittens, knives, labyrinth, laughing at dwarfism, liam's ass, life, love, magic, magic tequila, making hate, making love, martial arts, masochism, megadeth, metaphysics, mr. bungle, murdering, mushrooms, music, mutating, mystic healing, nipples, off-world assasin, opera, pain, passion, past lives, pirates, pissing acid, pissing off strangers, poetry, power metal, random victimization, red city, rum, scarface, scaring people, scumdogs of the universe, sex, shadows, shear-trae, shrooms, singing, skulls, slapping babies, slayer, spiders, spirits, sponge bob, stealing, supernatural, surgery, taking souls, talking with my hands, tattoos, telepathy, the mafia, thrash metal, torturing souls, triforce of power, twilight, wanderlust, war, white, wind, writing, yelling at pedestrians, zombies