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Battle royal. Trel vs. Jason, Mike Myers, Pin Head, Godzilla and Muttakka - Black White to Grey [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous

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Battle royal. Trel vs. Jason, Mike Myers, Pin Head, Godzilla and Muttakka [Sep. 4th, 2013|08:57 pm]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous
I jump to Mikes Myers stabbing the shit out him with needle nose pliers but he won't tire and has no want to expire. He lashes back with his knife from the kitchen, slashin and rippin, my clothes are blood drippin. Step back to attack with speed of light Kung fu slaps and with a ninja snap I crack his back in half. He regenerates, tries to pull himself together but I twist off his head ending him forever.

Jason Voorhees gets my battle axe to his knees, lop off his head and toss it in the trees. Creepy bright light from beyond this world swells, Pin Head steps out as hooks drag Jason to hell. Now it's uncustomary for me to fight another Demon so I convince Pin Head to join me for the evening.

Trel and Pin Head join forces as Godzilla approaches, encroaches on the west coast, the navy he be toasting. Ensign Andrew Smith on the SS Manspeedo holding him at bay with a volley of torpedos. I fly like bat with Pin Head on my back, puking bile at his eyes as pin heads hooks whirl like flies. Godzilla zaps us with his radioactive fire, there's hunger in his eyes and I know what he conspires. He swallows us whole as we descend down into the unknown. In the belly of the beast Pin Head unleashed the fury of the puzzle box; it unlocks and rocks forth with all the power of Leviathan. Sucked into the box never to be seen again. An implosion of dino guts where Godzilla fell; his suffering will be legendary even in hell.

Muttakka the thunder god is all applaud. He comes down from the skies to offer me a job. He makes me a god and gives me one wish. My wish was to eat him like a creature of myth. I consume all his power and fly back to the Abyss!