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Black White to Grey [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous

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(no subject) [Mar. 22nd, 2011|08:39 am]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2011|04:45 am]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous
Dream time:

It was the apocalypse. Not a zombie apocalypse or nuclear apocalypse but a DINOSAUR apocalypse! Giant T-Rex roamed the land with raptors and other beasts. Me, Erika and small posse of other survivors had taken shelter in a capsized bus that was obscured by the urban environment. I had a dog. A white west highland Scott terrier. I was searching abandoned houses for food....
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Quantum Defied (Rewritten) [Feb. 15th, 2011|03:46 am]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous
This thread of space connecting two rhythms of time
From across the span of the earth, these callings from beyond chime
They form a beautiful pattern, the fusion of two minds
Hope, for the conclusion they both seek, intertwined

Vibrations echo through this web of thought
Binding the shared emotions; the unification for which we fought
layered like skin and nerves; shivering with distraught
Awakening the oneness; the kingdom that was caught

This unity we've gained to see through each others eyes
Revealed through this connection we've made; our spirits side by side

Reenacted mannerism reverberate back and forth
Strengthening this spiritual wiring
Integral thought form created
Neurosynaptic hallucinations firing

Reflections of each other entanglement sustained with focus
Amplified with desire; the drive to force us
Into a leveling of power mistaken with lust
The commitment to defy Quantum no matter the cost
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(no subject) [Feb. 14th, 2011|05:05 pm]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous
Dream time: I was at Tom and Lisa's with the whole family when me and my seal-skinned baby walrus where teleported forward to a sleazy shadow run / blade runner future. After bartering the things in my pocket that I considered common but where extremely rare and valuable (such as chocolate) I was able to convince a local at a bar to help me go back to my own time. He set me up with mercenaries that where going to help me brake into a millionaires house and use his time machine. His house was filled with weapons. Assassins came to stop me. They killed my friend from the bar. It was two twin women in matching white dresses and a man in a suit and overcoat. I killed them with a laser-rifle. I was scared my baby seal-walrus had been killed and much relieved when I discovered that this was not the case.
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Augmentation [Jan. 15th, 2011|08:29 am]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous
I found it, clawing it's way out of me
A form of being, this twisted monstrosity
Eating through my cosmos and devouring my dreams
It possesses me while I sleep
Guiding my thoughts and altering reality

Showing me different worlds and apparitions of my past
A host of experiences and trials of which I've out last
A spirit existing, manipulating a barrage of consequences
A grand conspirator ensuring my path of circumstances

Like a poison its thoughts run a path of infection
Overpowering my own without hesitation
Attacking my mind through the omni-sphere
Resistance breeds psychosis until its reckoning is here

There's no fighting its need to be real as I too crave its oneness
My old self fading as self perception is dissolved into blindness
Its will like fire consuming our impurities and madness
Hollowing my personality nil in preparation for emptiness

Within the void of me the seed of my future; planted meticulously
Hiding; growing within the webs of my dimension's secretly
Surrendering to this evolution as its roots consume me
Replacing the shades of my existence with our absolute destiny
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Absolute. [Jan. 5th, 2011|05:09 pm]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous
There is a blindness
An incommunicable savagery
The birth of repression
A shifting of Gods
A pantheon of malice
The fatality of courage

The terror forced upon us
Raped by an illusion we cannot conform to

I am the King of this
This is my Reign
This is my trauma throne
My final exiting war

I will hunt down this infected tribe
And make them one with mine
They will see through my eyes
And be one with my mind

One by one I'll consume their spirit
Assimilating each with increasing immunity

And I will become Absolute in my decimation
And I will be set free by this domination
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Oḿ: No Sky [Nov. 22nd, 2010|09:28 am]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous
Its voice; incommunicable
But its essence paramount
Its end, no end
As far and as deep beyond conception
To perceive it; enlightenment

Its madness hollows the soul
Overwhelming its dimension
Right in front of your eyes; Its universe avast
As the cosmos moves; fly's through space
Our meekness betrays
It finds us hiding within it
Unaware of its surrounding

The breath makes the will hold still
Makes the ground so we may stand
On the shores of our absolution
Our vision given life
Reality a dream

And we float; ignoring this reckoning
Till the seas wash it away
And the wind carries us forth
The pressure has made distant the planets and the stars
Until there is only space

Empty void; no here nor there
One as if being was a memory
Is nothingness peace?
Its existence can not be fathomed
Its abyss has no means of perception

None. Nothing.

Until none becomes one
And we rebuild with phantasmal omnipotence
Making space and time
Nature and gods
Earth and winds
Reflecting so bright we are the dawning of our own existence

Back to now.

The same but somehow different
Now; filled with creation
The moment; A reminder
A sacred beacon
An awakening to the god within

I am here as I am there
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Outlander [Sep. 23rd, 2010|06:42 am]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous
Broken reality lost
Echoing its shattering within the cave
Devoured by the monsters mouth
The essence of the unmade
What fate is left to fill this void
What mind controls this eye that sees
The remnants of once past forgot
Only remembered by this heart that bleeds

The gate has been crossed; this voyage completed
The old has been lost; Its spirit depleted

The shadows of this world that I've now possessed
A foreigner lost in this alien outland
The only thing out of place is me
Myself overtaken by my own hand

-The me that once was I've now enslaved-

Everything is similar but somehow different
Evidence is found in striking visions
Killing the principles of recognition
I stand to face this silent schism

I am a stranger in my own dimension
Alike only in spirit and form
The intricacies of this unknown pattern
Constitutes this effort of will re-born

The seasons of my youth I spent dreaming this space
Every person, every plan, every event and every face
Slowly the pieces all found their place
The last dimension crumbles; Lost to its wastes

Rekindling the old world by remembering its name
Longing for its familiarity I begin to fade
The changes I bled for are now being unmade
I must cease this reversion; I must fight to remain

I must fight to remain... Lest those shades pull me away...

Don't take me back...

And I'll scatter these pieces of myself...
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Quantum Defied [Aug. 28th, 2010|11:29 pm]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous
This thread of space
Connecting two rhythms of time
The spiders web
Thoughts woven into a throne

They form a beautiful pattern
A grid of energy and life
The fusion of two minds
Hope, for the conclusion they both seek

Layered like skin and nerves
Vibrations echo through this web of thoughts
Binding the shared emotions
Awakening the oneness we share a common kingdom

Reflections of each other entanglement
Our connection strengthened with focus
Amplified with desire
The commitment to defy Quantum
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Omnispheric Frenzy [Aug. 10th, 2010|04:56 am]
Untrel Ash Vae Vorscerous
We are bound by cosmic tides
respond illogically based on universal whims
The balance of the eternal, alive within us
Addicted to a drug only a god can give

I am each man's fate
Karma Seething
Hidden within innate

I feel the calling
I feel the pull
The force that drives me
Against my will

What architect designed this
This destiny, conspired
Manipulated by the spirits
pawn to events yet to transpire

The Eyes of all consciousness
the stars selfishly hide
quantumly piercing reality
and emptied into the void

I will travel through time
And conquer the trials of space
To the blackened infinity
Where I reform and take my shape
To the god I know I am
Aware and no longer asleep
My true self revealed
This cosmic power I'll keep
And I'll return back to this life
Resurrected and reborn
Filled with the elements
Fulfilling the oath that I've sworn
I promise one day I'll come back
And return that which I've stolen
This relic from the future
Restore the cycle that was broken

I am the Spider. The hand that chases the light away.
I am the protector. The fist that makes safe the day.
I am the ever outward seeing eye. Seeing all the colors and all the lies.
I am anything that everything would ever let me be.
I am NOT the nothingness that within the rest of you hide.

I am the protector of the Desert
Every grain of sand is precious
Just as the loss of everything is happening
Another grain of sand blows away in the wind
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